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Working in tandem with your social media, your website has to embody the overall brand voice in order to create compelling content on a regular basis that can keep your website fresh and your website traffic fresher. While managing the growth of your social-media accounts, EPK Media will design and develop your new website free of charge – we understand the importance of creating an online presence and that a website should be a place where you will be able to nurture various bottom-funnel leads.

What We Do

The more creative and cohesive your brand identity is, the more effective it is for people to understand and connect with your company. Your social-media presence and website are the foundation of your brand in the digital world. We develop high-quality websites with some of the finest designs that render well across multiple devices and search engines to significantly enhance your online presence.


WordPress comes with a wealth of advanced functional features and API hooks. Allowing us to connect with other platforms in order to level up your business from the ground up.


Shopify is the internets most powerful eCommerce. We have created apps that enable us to create fully customisable stores that enable your business to stand out from the competition.


BigCommerce is excellent for scaling our marketing efforts and increasing conversions. Multi-step processes designed to acquire customer data & drive upsells through the roof.


WordPress gives us the ability to create completely unique websites, allowing your business to stand out from your competitors online. The popular CMS platform has what we like to call, ‘unlimited potential’ A wide variety of plugins and APIs allow us to take websites from basic brochures to fully functioning online portals and information centres, or even fully functional eCommerce stores.

We are meticulous when it comes to all aspects of EPK Media services but none more so than our website design and builds. We pride ourselves on our strong communication with clients throughout the project from design brief to the website going live. All stages of the project are fully involved to ensure we get every little detail right and you are left feeling excited to show the digital world your new website.


The CIVILIAN Magazine website has been built on an ecosystem of products, partners, sales channels, and apps that Shopify offers to help the brand sell online and establish direct relationships with customers. The e-commerce storefront with a safe, secure and seamless processing system has been known for a fast load time, the convenience of one-click selling, multi-channel and social selling, and multiple payment options.

With CIVILIAN’s clearly defined demo and international audience, the website has been a vital destination utilizing content marketing, social media, retargeting, and influencer marketing – allowing for a chance of sending them qualified traffic and customers to sell both online and offline.
Furthermore, its customized font, navigation, and layout have enabled CIVILIAN to fit their consistent branding across all channels.


A marketing funnel is a key component to any successful marketing campaign. It establishes the customer’s journey with you through a simple step by step process carefully mapped out with UX & UI in mind from start to finish.

From the initial stage of discovering your business, through to the customer purchasing a product/service of yours or leaving their contact details with you.

The funnel shows every stage of the journey and the customer’s decision-making process. A successful sales funnel is key to improving your sales conversion rate, as well as keeping track of customers information for building profiles on and remarketing to in the future.

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