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Nowadays, there are new brands appearing every day. With so many brands, people can often find themselves lost in a sea of labels and slogans. But in a day and age where brands are aplenty, many have seemed to forget the most important brand – themselves. Each person is their own brand, an accumulation of their own experiences, achievements, and emotions. This is what a personal brand is. Unlike other brands, however, a personal brand is more than a label or trademark. It is how an individual presents themselves to others. It is how others perceive you.

For instance, Gordon Ramsay has successfully made his name into a brand. Michelin-star chef, food critic, and television personality are just a few of the many things people associate with Ramsay’s name. The most crucial thing is, though, that the name “Gordon Ramsay” has become synonymous with top-tier cooking and the best-of-the-best food. Another example is Michelle Obama; she has transformed her image from being the former first lady into an intellectual advocate for several key issues like female rights and obesity.

Unlike Gordon Ramsay and Michelle Obama, however, not everyone has a brand-development team behind them to help elevate their personal brand. That doesn’t mean we are unable to build up our own personal brand, though. With that being said, here is how to elevate your own personal brand.

Know your audience

Like any other marketing campaign, knowing what demographic you appeal to is necessary. With the sheer amount of different brands out there now, it is next to impossible to compete with them and stand out. Pinpoint the one thing that makes you unique, and focus on that until more opportunities open up. Gordon Ramsay didn’t try to produce television shows and open restaurants all at the same time. He focused on the one thing that made him unique: cooking. Gordon Ramsay built his audience and brand as a chef before he became anything else.

Establishing your brand

After determining what your target audience is, the next step is to establish your brand. From the most popular social-media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to creating your own personal website, the Internet is the new age for elevating your personal brand. To build a relationship with an audience, you must have channels for them to communicate with you. Those with high personal brands always have at least one form of communication with their audience.

Be consistent with your quality and quantity

Be consistent with your content, be it quality or quantity. If you are a chef, be consistent and keep cooking top-quality food. If you are a content creator, be consistent and post content on a scheduled basis so your audience doesn’t forget about you. The last thing you want is to build up your personal brand and associate yourself with a certain standard and then fail to meet those same standards you set for yourself.

Maintain good character

Even the most popular celebrities or actors suffer from a lack of good character. For example, Internet personality Logan Paul lost tens of thousands of potential subscribers every day after his suicide-video debacle back in January 2018 where Paul and his friends joked around and laughed at a suicide victim. It is vital for your audience to see you as reliable, honest, and sincere. This will make you more credible both as a brand and as a person.

Be mindful of your social-media presence

When you are trying to build up your own brand, it is critical to remember that everything you do is viewed under a microscope. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was fired in July 2018 over decade-old offensive tweets. (Persuaded by Gunn’s public apology and his handling of the situation after, Disney rehired him in 2019.) Be mindful that everything you post on social media is read by your audience and others. A good rule of thumb is not to post anything you wouldn’t want your mother reading.

In the digital era, it is imperative for individuals to develop their own personal brands – perhaps even essential. With these steps and information, hopefully you can elevate your own personal brand. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the next Internet sensation.

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